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Our Services

Our main service is casting for prefab manufacturing, but if there is a need we pump for other types of work also, such as tiles, vaults, walls, piles, basements, porches, balconies, pools, foundations, plinths and stairs.

As long as it contains concrete, we can solve most of it.

Concrete for foundations

With a concrete slab or basement as foundation, you get a stable ground and allows your villa or attefallare to stand firmly for years to come.

Concrete for indoors

Decorate your home with concrete. Allow the walls to have a lively impression or why not leave the floor free of wood or tiles and get maximum of underfloor heating.

Concrete for bulding sites

With a small company, you are rarely prioritized by large concrete suppliers. As a partner with us, you decide when, where and what concrete to pump.

We call you!

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